free chocolate alert!

Do I know how to get blog views, or what?

(Not a photo of the New Paltz Box, this is the blueberry truffle box from this summer.)

Here’s the situation. I’ve overhauled the beloved Pink Box of truffles a bit. Because it contained three truffles that featured local ingredients, I removed the one non-local truffle (the Pomegranate) to its own box (over here) and swapped it out with the Blueberry Black Pepper Currant truffle that everyone so adored from this summer. Because New Paltz has such strong historical ties to blueberry picking, and because this truffle is too tasty not to make all the time, I think it’s a good fit, and I hope you’ll like the revamped box.

Right now I’m calling it the “New Paltz Box,” but that’s pretty boring, as is the Hudson Valley Box. It would be nice to have a snappy name (like Heathen Toffee for a bunch of atheists making toffee that tastes a bit like that candy bar that rhymes with “teeth”–punny!).

Can you think of something better? Something the embodies the spirit of the strange and lovely mountain town of New Paltz, or the Hudson Valley in general, while tying it to the chocolates in this box? It’s a tall order. If you think of the absolutely perfect name, write it as a comment on our Facebook wall, and I’ll pick the best one and/or will let the one which gets the most “likes” win.

The winner will receive two (2!!) boxes of this sparkly new chocolate in the mail when we return from our vacation, around the end of January. Sound good? Let’s go! ¬†

4 thoughts on “free chocolate alert!

  1. not for this box maybe, but thought of a sister to the Heathen toffee: Heresy’s chocolate bar. Same playful reference to a waxy massmarket candy brand, plus a nod to New Paltz’s Huguenot past.

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