the most ridiculous blog post ever

When I need to add a photo to the website, I’m supposed to upload it to an FTP thingie. But my FTP program thingie is always annoying, and uploading photos to this blog is so easy! Thus, the purpose of this blog post is to upload this photo of the Luscious Locavore box (<—- fabulous new name, as mentioned in the post below, is thanks to Facebook pal Erica!). It’s a truly beautiful thing, this box in this beautiful porcelain container. Read all about it here! 

Hey, a blog post with Valentine’s ideas is coming soon! The February Chocolate of the Month is already up though, and it is GIANT and amazing.

2 thoughts on “the most ridiculous blog post ever

  1. What FTP thingie are you using? I recommend Cyberduck. It’s free. It’s a point-and-click interface and it’ll store your username and password. It makes the files on your web server look (almost) just like a folder on your computer.

    As your web designer, I don’t want you to have to post images here to use in your shop!

    • I’m truly just being lazy and don’t want to have to learn a new program, even one that probably takes 2 seconds to use. Anyway, I use Fetch….err, don’t use it.

      Ok, I’ll stop being so ridiculous now that you’ve caught me…


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