Valentine’s gift guide

We’re in full Valentine’s mode now–the busiest three weeks of the year are here! If you haven’t made your selections yet, here are some ideas for your loved ones, or, even better, to Valentine yourself.

  • The biggest and fanciest of our Valentine selections is the My Heart is Yours collection. It’s a giant 6″ chocolate heart filled with nine special chocolates. It’s truly special, and a truly huge amount of chocolate, too.
  • Our Intense Anatomical Heart is one of the most wild and crazy chocolates we make. Not for the faint of you-know-what, it’s tangy, fruity, bitter, and salty, an entire rollercoaster of flavors unfolding one after another on your tongue. It’s for the kind of love that leaves your heart pounding and your mouth dry—that wild kind of relationship.
  • The White Chocolate Strawberry Bark is red and swirly and perfectly suited to your Valentine who maybe doesn’t love deep dark chocolate but just wants something fun and snackable.
  • All of our truffles are, of course, classic symbols of love, but the new Harlot Box is especially lovey because it includes pomegranate truffles garnished with gorgeous organic rose petals.
  • If you want to extend your love to animals this loving season, not only is the Rosemary Sea Salt Caramels (we just call it RSSC) box our bestest seller of all time, but half the cost of each box goes to Friends of Animals as well.
  • The feisty feminist women in your life will be honored to receive any of our Bluestocking Bonbons, each of which is named for an inspiring woman. The Raspberries de Pizan are particularly perfect, since they’re filled with fresh raspberry puree. 
  • And, of course, Furious Vulvas. Of course!

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