Shojin Ryori Dinner: Part One

This past Tuesday and Wednesday were the inaugural nights of our savory dinner series. Both nights were truly magical. It was such an honor to cook for such a great crowd, and I’ve had such wonderful feedback from everyone. Here are some photos from the process and the dinner itself.

Also, here’s a super lovely blog post with great photos taken by a diner.

Making shiitake tempura for the soup (recipe for this amazing tempura batter coming soon!).

Making yuba rolls.

Yuba rolls with homemade chickpea and kidney bean tempeh with fragrant homegrown herbs.
Sesame scallion dipping sauce.

Making udon noodles.

Hand-pulled udon noodles in Styrian pumpkin seed oil sauce.

Kelp with preserved lemon pickle, green strawberry pickle, Taliaferro Farms carrot pickle. Black rice.

Green strawberry pickles! These are unripe strawberries, turned pink from pickling brine, with a few riper ones mixed in for flavor.


Corn fritters with purple shiso (missing from this photo!)and shiro miso sauce. These fritters are just fresh sweet corn, diluted sourdough starter, and salt and pepper. They were CRAZY GOOD, I gotta tell ya.


Coming next, Part two: SWEETS!

6 thoughts on “Shojin Ryori Dinner: Part One

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  2. It looks gorgeous! Can I ask whether there were any books you used as sources/inspiration for this menu? – I’d love to try preparing some dishes like this myself.

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