Savory Dinner Series: Farewell to Summer Dinner

The first dinner in our savory dinner series went so swimmingly, it’s time for another.

Mark your calendars now for Wednesday, September 12th, 2012, Thursday, Sept 13, Friday Sept 14, 7:30 PM at LL HQ (25 North Front St, New Paltz).


Wednesday and Thursday’s dinners are sold out. We’re opening up Friday, September 14th at 7:30 as well. We currently have 2 seats left for Friday’s seating. Come into the shop or give a call at 845-255-8834 if you want to prepay to  reserve a seat. 

$60 per person.

We have some exciting things happening in chocolate land this fall, and the period from Hanukkah-Passover (OK, really it’s Christmas-Easter that are much busier, but I just wanted to mix it up) are insanely busy for us, so there’s a chance we’ll be doing an October dinner (I really hope so, because cooking fall dishes is my most favorite thing to do in the universe), but there’s a bigger chance we won’t be doing another dinner until…um. April 2013!!

So come into the shop or shoot me an email or give a call (845-255-8834, we’ll probably have chocolatey hands/be helping customers and you’ll need to leave a message) to reserve your spot ASAP.

This menu will almost certainly change according to whim and produce availability, but here’s the working draft:

Farewell to Summer


Complimentary Tomato Water Bloody Mary


Chilled lemon zucchini soup

Lemon thyme crystals

Lemon thyme foam

Shaved green almonds


Amaranth and arugula salad

Meyer lemon dressing

Crystallized maple syrup



Small plates:

Cipolline in agrodolce



House-baked Kalamata olive focaccia


Sweet potato tortelloni with smoky cashew cheese filling

Lacinato kale olive pesto


Slow cooked eggplant with white bean cream


Plum crostata

Nectarine ice cream with nectarine spheres


Pine nut cookies with rosemary

Red wine ganache bonbon

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