June 2013 Savory Dinner: Foraged Feast

Dinner #2 of the 2013 season! Tickets are currently on sale. SOLD OUT! THANKS SO MUCH!!

June 21, 22, and 23:

June 2013: Foraged Feast


As many found foods as we can stuff into one giant meal. Depending on what’s in the fields, forest, backyard, and garden, here’s a loose idea of the menu:

  • May wine
  • Almond deviled eggless eggs with backyard chives and sautéed daylillies
  • Schav (Yiddish sorrel soup) with garlic chives, white chicken mushrooms and fried pickle lace
  • Creamed spring spinach, garlic mustard, and dandelion with burdock
  • Beet salad with woodruff, cashew cheese, radish, yuzu, and pine oil dressing
  • Spring mushrooms (ideally morels and chanterelles, we’ll see what’s out there in the world!) with pickled ramp béarnaise
  • Lilac sorbet with strawberry flowers and fraises du bois
  • White chocolate mousse with chamomile sauce and wild walnut cream
  • Mignardise: Spruce sablee cookies

The fine print:

  • Unfortunately we can’t accommodate substitutions for the menu.
  • Want to bring your own alcohol? Bring it! (Glasses of whatever you’re drinking sent to the kitchen wouldn’t be turned down…)
  • Dinners contain all kinds of things like nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, & sugar—but never any dead animals or animal products. ‘Course not!
  • If you have a birthday in your party, let us know when you place your reservation.
  • Mignardises are a secret treat we give you at the very end of the meal to take with you…or eat as you linger with your new besties all night long!
  • Dinners are $60 per person, plus tax.

3 thoughts on “June 2013 Savory Dinner: Foraged Feast

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