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  1. Lagusta,

    Hello, my name is Laianna Ferruggia. I came into your wonderful shop yesterday. We had spoken about a painting that you were interested in bartering for that would go in your living room and you wanted to see some images of my work. I found you on facebook but I couldn’t contact you through there so I figured I would try it this way. If you like, you can send me an email address that I can send some photos to. I hope everything is going well!

    P.S. I’m already craving more chocolate!


  2. I just found you via a link a friend posted on Facebook vis-à-vis (I love saying and typing “vis-à-vis”) vegan deviled eggs. After drooling mightily over that, I clicked through to a bunch of your other stuff, recipes and blog posts and OH MY GOD WHAT’S THIS ABOUT TRUFFLES, and all I can say is “!!!!!”. You have a new fan in New York City!

  3. Hi Lagusta,

    I have fallen in love with everything about your operation (and you). Thank you for being awesome chocolate lady of my heart, and posting such amazing words. If I ever make it to oh so far away New York, I’ll be sure to stop by your shop. In the meantime, imma be ordering some yummies come payday.

    In Chocolate Coalition,

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