previousnesses: the best of the past.

Heya pals!

Here are a few links to recipes, food essays, rants, ideas, and inspiration from my old meal delivery site, as well as my personal blog. Enjoy!

Great essays, food talk, and pretty photos:

And a few recipes:

And finally, really pretty photos of cupcakes.

101 fast and quick–also good!–meals!

I wrote this a few years ago, inspired by an article in the New York Times with the same gimmick. This list had been hanging out on my old site and the formatting was pretty bad, so here it is, all spiffed up. I’m looking forward to referring to it as I make meals for my sweetheart and me now that I’m freed from the shackles of the meal delivery service. My mom uses this list as a little mini-cookbook—I hope you like it too!

(Update: here’s what my mom had to say about it, via Facebook: I just printed it out and yes, the formatting is much better than the early version. For others who may be similarly inclined: I’ve made many of these meals & they are all delicious. The first page alone will get you through 2 weeks of great simple vegan meals (you just have to remember to take it to the grocery store so you can buy everything). #3 — addictive! #10 — easiest ever. etc. etc.) The mom seal of approval! (What etc. etc. means I am not sure. Maybe they are all “easiest ever.”?)

101 simple, tasty meals ready in about 10-25 minutes

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