January 2011 Chocolate of the Month: White Chocolate Yuzu Truffles

For posterity and record keeping, I’m making a blog post with each Chocolate of the Month as the month ends.   Here’s January!

First of all, the Facebook photo album with glorious photos of this month’s chocolate is here, check it out!

White Chocolate Yuzu Truffles
Citrus in January–it just feels right. A purification, a cleansing, ultimate freshness. Focusing, clarifying, toning and awakening. All that good stuff. Everything citrus does for us is just what we need in a brand-new year. I’m a citrus fiend, and yuzu is my favorite citrus fruit of all. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus about the size of a small grapefruit. It’s intensely aromatic and flowery–basically the best lemony flavor imaginable, with a floral undertone. Amazing.

I knew I wanted to make a yuzu truffle, but how best to showcase its complex flavor? Pairing yuzu and dark chocolate is nice, but some of yuzu’s fabulous subtleties get lost in the darkness. Serendipitously, I’d just received a shipment of organic, fair-trade fresh cocoa butter from my chocolate distributor for the white chocolate bark from last month (yep, I’m making white chocolate from scratch–from cocoa butter!). Why not a white chocolate yuzu truffle? Snowy (dairy-free!) white chocolate in January! Why not, indeed. I know I shouldn’t play favorites, but confidentially I have to admit that, with the Rosemary Sea Salt Caramels, this little newborn is my favorite thing I’ve ever made. Sweet-tart, creamy but not cloying, and smooth, smooth, smooth, with a thin hand-dipped 60% chocolate shell and a garnish of candied yuzu peel. Happy New Year, everyone.

2011 is going to be amazing.

2 thoughts on “January 2011 Chocolate of the Month: White Chocolate Yuzu Truffles

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